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Japanese Porn

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Japanese Porn
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Japanese Porn

What makes Japanese Porn Unique?

There are quite a few factors that contribute to the uniqueness of exquisite Japanese Porn and for that matter to the uniquness of Japanese sex experiences.

To list a few, we can readily recognize the following factors:

Japanese women

Simply put, they are beautiful. Not all, of course but many of them are. Petite and shy, they are adorable.

Japanese men

Courteous and gentle and yet fierce in bed. They punish their women in bed relentlessly. They keep pounding away not so mush for their pleasure but for the maximum pleasure they can give their women.

Various sexual positions

You will note that in Japanese porn a numbe of sex positions are demonstrated. Missionary, doggie, spooning, standing, riding cow-girl fashion; you name it, they do it.

The kind of Kamasutra (the art of lovemaking) traditionally practiced in Japan has been referred to as the 48 sexual positions (shijuhatte). There are supposed to be two sides to each position, which result in the total of 96 sex positions.

The origin of this particular art of love can be easily traced back to India where Kamasutra was compiled around 300 AD. With the transmission of Buddhism, Kamasutra was introduced to other parts of East Asia including Japan.

The 48 sexual positions in Shijuhatte (the Japanese Kamasutra) seem to have derived from the Chinese interpretations of Kamasutra and not directly from the original Indian text. In the process of getting Japanized, some sex positions in Kamasutra may have been dropped and replaced by less acrobatic and more comfortable ones.

Distinctive voice : the way Japanese women whimper and squeal in bed

What decisively distinguishes Japanese lovemaking from the rest and makes it unique and distinctly rewarding? The answer lies not in intricate sexual positions suggested in either Kamasutra but in how exquisitely our women moan, sob, whimper and squeal as they get pounded on. The special whimpering sound reserved for lovemaking is called yogarinaki ("squeal of delight" or "joy sob), which adds much to the pleasure of having sex with Japanese women.

Professional actors and actresses vs. amateur participants

The male actors that perfrom in Japanese porn are thoroughly professional. They know how to bring out the very best from both actresses and amateurs who participate in the making of movies. The actresses in Japanese porn are not jaded stereotype porn stars often featured in the U.S. made slin flicks. The Japanese porn actresses really apply themselves to what they are doing and try their very best to live up to what's expected of them. Female amateurs that appear in Japanese porn help to set a tone for many excellent movies. Their responses are spontaneous unlike what professional actresses skillfully simulate. When you see and hear those ameteur girls reach orgasm, you can be pretty sure they are really getting their rocks off.

Being submissive

Japanese women are usually submissive in bed, which in itself does not set them apart from the rest of the women in other parts of the world. What counts is the fact that Japanese women are very good at being submissive while making love. They enjoy the role of a submissive partner who is willing to be dominated, teased and punished. They know how to make men feel dominant and potent. Japanese women are remarkably adept at making the act of sex an intense experience.

Gap between being innocent and nymphomaniac

Most Japanese women in their daily life are known for their demure demeanor. They seldom come on to you. Instead of overtly provoking you, they wait to be seduced. And once seduced into bed, they can be stripped of their sweet innocence together with her clothes. Depeding on how good you are, it's possible to bring out their nymphomaniac streak.

Genuine Japanese Porn and Counterfeits

For its excellence Japanese porn is highly valued. There are quite a few "Japanese Porn" movies that in fact are anything but Japanese. In such films Chinese, Korean or other East Asian actresses and actors play Japanese.

How can you tell those counterfeits from genuine Japanese porn? Well, it takes some practice to learn to discern the difference. If you are a Japanese-speaker, the performers' pronunciation will give them away. Enve if you do not speak Japanese, you can still rely on your ears to tell them apart. Listen closely to how the actresses whimper and sob. Does it sound sweet and pleading? If so, they are Japanese. Still difficult? Then pay attention to the actresses' attitudes and the way they move. If they are somewhat haughty and aggressive, chances are that they are not Japanese. The facial features are different, too. Japanese women's facial features are distinctively delicate.

Go ahead and get yourself a Japanese girlfriend or download some genuine Japanese porn. Then you'll know what I'm talking about.

Kamasutra Navigation

You can make use of "Kamasutra Navigation" to navigate through various sexual positions and learn more about the ones that suit your fancy.
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"The Japanese Kamasutra" is a graphic compilation of those sexual positions that have been handed down through generations. You can often see them skillfully performed in fine Japanese Porn. Each sex position is concisely described and illustrated with vivid 3d images. Click away till you find something you like and have fun!
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