The Japanese Kamasutra : The Japanese Art of Lovemaking as seen in Japanese Porn

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Japanese Kamasutra
What makes Japanese lovemaking and Japanese Porn exquisitely unique?
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Classic Sexual Intercourse Positions Illustrated with Stereoscopic 3D Images
agehahonte ajirohonte ikadachausu isukatori irifunehonte iwashimizu
Butterfly Fish Trap Raft-style
Tea-grinding Mill
Crossbill Inbound Boat Mountain Spring
ukihashi uguisunotaniwatari ushirozuke ushiroyagura ushiroyahazu uchiwaku
Float Bridge Warbler
in Flight
Back-ass-ward Back of the Tower Behind the Nock Inner Frame
oshiguruma orichausu kakaedori kagamichausu kamonoirikubi karatakewari
Pushcart Weaving
Hand Mill
Holding the Bird Mirrored
Tea-grinding Mill
Duck Neck Bamboo Cracking
karigakubi kikuichimonji kinuta kubihikirenbo kotatsukagari kotatsugakure
Gooseneck Horizontal
Anvil Fancy Necking Under the Table Underneath the Quilt
kotobukihonte koborematsuba goshoguruma gobanzeme sakatekarami sagarifuji
Good Fortune Scattered Pine Needles Court Carriage Assault on the
Tight Topsy-turvy Hanging Wisteria
sasabunehonte zazenkorogashi shigarami shikikomata shigurechausu shishimai
Small Boat Cross-legged and
Constraint Closed Loins Drizzling
Tea-grinding Mill
Lion Dance
shinobiichausu shiborifuyo shimekomata shimekomichidori shimekominishiki shumokuzori
Tea-grinding Mill
Fiddling with
the Confederate
Tight Number Tightfitting Plover Tightfitting Brocade Toppled Hammer
sugomori susono sorikannon takarabune tasukigake tachihanabishi
Brooding Foot of
the mountain
Goddess Leaning
Treasure Boat Double-belted Upright Flower Petals
tachimatsuba tachikanae tatehizatori tawaradakihonte dakiage dakijizo
Pine Needles
Tripod Knee Brace Lifting the Bale Lift-up Holding the
Guardian Deity
darumakaeshi chidori chidorinokyoku chausugarami chausunobashi tsukimawashi
Roly-poly Plover
(Little Bird)
Song of the Plover Cuddled
Tea-grinding Mill
Tea-grinding Mill
Getting Rammed
tsukimichausu tsukuegake tsubamegaeshi tsubushikomagake tsurubeotoshi tegake
Tea-grinding Mill
Writing Desk Flying Swallow Taming of the Shrew Well Bucket Clasp
tekokagari tomiguruma naruto nijinokakehashi hanabishizeme hamachidori
Lever Stitching Fancy Cart Whirlpool Rainbow Bridge Assault on the
Flower petals
Beach Plover
bangai hiyodorigoe hiyodorigoenosakaotoshi byakkonishiki futatsutomoe butsudangaeshi
Unclassified Riding down
the Cliff
down the Cliff
Dazzling Brocade Ying-Yang Bottom of the Altar
hokakechausu honkomagake honchausu matsubakuzushi matsubazori madonotsuki
Tea-grinding Mill
Tea-grinding Mill
Pine Needles
Pine Needles
Moon in the Window
manjikuzushi midarebotan miyamahonte mukudori yaetsubaki yaguradachi
Buddhist Cross
Nutty Peony High Mountains Starling Double-flowered
Standing Tower
yatsuhashi yabusame yokodori yokobue yorisoi rihishirazu
Boardwalk Shooting from
the saddle
Doing-it Sideways Flute Cuddling Whether Right
or Wrong
?Ζ?j?????? The Japanese Kamasutra : Missionary
The very basic missionary positions. Try placing a soft pillow under the woman's hip, and it will be like making love to somebody else.

Butterfly Fish Trap Inbound Boat Inner Frame Bamboo Cracking Good Fortune
Small Boat Constraint Tight Number Double-belted Roly-poly Lifting the Bale
Plover (Little Bird) Writing Desk Well Bucket Fancy Cart Beach Plover Hight Mountains
Double-flowered Camellia Whether Right or Wrong
?Ζ???????? The Japanese Kamasutra : Woman Riding
Her face and upper body is there for you to appreciate, which makes it easy for you to help her get there.
Tea-grinding Mill
Weaving Tea-grinding
Hand Mill
Tea-grinding Mill
Goddess Leaning
Tea-grinding Mill
Tea-grinding Mill
Shooting from
the saddle
?Ζ?? The Japanese Kamasutra : Seated Frontal
Scoop her up and then drop her, making good use of her own weight. This results in a sharp penetration. And yet make sure you tease her by not giving this sharp thrust each time. Just give her only the tip of your penis several times. As she expects a deeper penetration, her vagina will have contracted, which makes the next full penetration more pleasurable.
Tea-grinding Mill
Fancy Necking Underneath the Quilt Hanging Wisteria Lion Dance Restrained
Tea-grinding Mill
Holding the
Guardian Deity
Knee Brace Cuddled
Tea-grinding Mill
Tea-grinding Mill
?Ζ???? The Japanese Kamasutra : Lying on the side (Frontal)
Coupling this way may look romantic and yet you'll find it too constrained to move.
Boardwalk Flute
?Ζ???? The Japanese Kamasutra : Standing Frontal
This sexual position helps to enhance your macho image, which is just about all that can be said for it.
Tripod Standing Tower
?Ζ???? The Japanese Kamasutra : Doggie
Very popular sex positions, which are true to our animal instinct. You keep up the steady rhythm, and you'll be hearing the woman moan (and sometimes sob) before too long. Do not stop there, keep it up no matter how loud she gets. The steady rhythm is the key to it all.
Float Bridge Closed Loins Flying Swallow Taming of the Shrew Riding down the Cliff
???w???????? The Japanese Kamasutra : Riding Doggie
An ideal sex positon to spank and discipline your woman. And at the same time this position allows the woman to dance the way she wants to. She will find it easy to concentrate on maintaining her favorite rhythm.
Back-ass-ward Tightfitting Plover Tightfitting Brocade Toppled Hammer Moon-viewing Tea-grinding Mill
???w?? The Japanese Kamasutra : Seated from the Back
Fondle her breasts while you are at it. Scoop her up and drop her for a sharper penetration.
Holding the Bird Under the Table Tight Topsy-turvy Cross-legged and
Fiddling with the
Confederate Rose
Getting Rammed Clasp Whirlpool Authentic
Horseback Riding
Buddhist Cross
Nutty Peony
???w???? The Japanese Kamasutra : Lying on the side (from the back)
So you are determined to make it a prolonged session. Then this is the way to do it. Ideal for tenderly making love to a pregnant woman or an inexperienced girl, too. Switch to some other rougher position and enjoy the variation till you either get tired or find it difficult to hold it off any longer, then come back to this gentle position. You can look forward to hours of intimate pleasure by alternating this position with other more exhilarating varieties.
Duck Neck Foot of the mountain Moon in the Window Doing-it Sideways
???w???? The Japanese Kamasutra : Standing Doggie
Make sure that your woman has something to hold onto. This position can be best enjoyed outdoors. "Fully clothed and in public without getting caught" can add to the pleasure of the "Standing Doggie" fuck.
Back of the Tower Behind the Nock Pushcart Assault on the
Bottom of the Altar
?\???????? The Japanese Kamasutra : Crisscross
Note that the angle of penetration is at right angles to each other, which can be fun for a change.
Crossbill Horizontal
Pine Needles
Court Carriage Brooding Treasure Boat
Pine Needles
Rainbow Bridge Crisscross
Pine Needles
Curved Pine Needles
?t???? The Japanese Kamasutra : Reversal
You penetrate the woman at a 180 degree angle. The sensation is distinctly different but this position is not suited for an extended lovemaking.
Anvil Lever Stitching
??O The Japanese Kamasutra : Unclassified
Miscellaneous sexual positions that defy classification.
?I?[???? The Japanese Kamasutra : Oral
Effective for teasing and arousing your partner. The mental effect of the blow job is to get the woman into a submissive frame of mind, which never fails to get her ready for what's to come next.
Mountain Spring Warbler in Flight Gooseneck Upright Flower Petals Song of
the Plover
Assault on the
Flower petals
down the Cliff
Ying-Yang Starling
???? The Japanese Kamasutra : Petting
Petting can be either extremely gentle or rough. Properly administered, it can achieve a lot.
Dazzling Brocade Cuddling

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"The Japanese Kamasutra" is a graphic compilation of those sexual positions that have been handed down through generations. You can often see them skillfully performed in fine Japanese Porn. Each sex position is concisely described and illustrated with vivid 3d images. Click away till you find something you like and have fun!
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Please note that "Kamasutra" is sometimes spelled as "Kama Sutra".
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